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Monumental Cemetery
Piazzale del Cimetro

Followwing Napoleon's decree of 1804 that the Empire should build sanitary cemeteries which embodied equality regardless of religion, it took 24 years of wrangling to finally build Verona's Monumental Cemetery. By this time the city was under Austrian rule so the principle of equality went unobserved. The architect was Giuseppe Barbieri, who was also responsible for the city hall next to the Arena. The style was neoclassical in a typically Veronese dark red and buff. Originally a rectangle with two semi-circular wings, one of the wings became another rectangle to take the dead of WW1. A Garden Cemetery was added in the 1930s for middle class families who couldn't run to the old family chapels, where you'll find some striking modern tombs.

Many impressive monuments from the turn of the 19th into the 20th century, like the monuments to Carolina Dolci and Giulio Camuzzoni pictured below.

Opening times Daily
November March 8:00 5:30
April October 8:00 6:30


The monument to Carolina Dolci




The monument to Giulio Camuzzoni.




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